Saturday, January 11, 2020

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In My Jewellery Box: Yasmin Hemmerle 20, 2017
This watch was a 16th birthday present from my parents and I still wear it today. ... It's an old Victorian piece, it's not signed so I'm not sure who it's by but it is ... me what I wanted, jewellery-wise, and I always said that I wanted antique pearls.
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'Powerful clothes look different today': Sarah Burton on the ... 7, 2017
We were meant to meet a few weeks before Monday's Paris Fashion Week ... One of the Italian seamstresses hands her a present – a pearl necklace she has ... onto Victorian brickwork and Georgian spires – are covered with photographs and ...
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This Sleeping Beauty–Inspired Collection Is Taking Disney ... 17, 2017
Princess dresses might be having a moment in fashion but for designers Nicholas ... Judging by the exquisite pearl- and Swarovski crystal–studded looks that dotted ... The thigh-grazing Victorian dolly-style dresses were hand-dyed a subtle ...
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The It jewellery brands fuelling a rise in self-gifting 21, 2017
What: Head here for super-cool earrings (which are often pearl-laden, sold as ... Yves Spinelli in 2010, whose foray into the fashion world came as a result of his ...

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