Monday, January 13, 2020

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In My Jewellery Box: Jessica McCormack 21, 2015
... with a work experience placement at the Victorian jewellery department at Sotheby's. ... Similarly to pearls, its lustre improves with age as a result of being worn next to the ... I wear it on a diamond-set chain layered with my other necklaces.
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It's time for a right 'royal' knees up! London's streets lit up by ...

Daily Mail-Sep. 27, 2015
London's streets lit up by the shiny extravagant outfits of the Pearly Kings and ... of pounds for the capital's charities since it was founded in Victorian times.
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Ode to a Royal Fashion Icon: 15 Princess Diana Outfits That ...

Glamour-Aug. 28, 2015
Here, we look back to one of the great fashion icons with vintage photos of ... but she looks very fall 2015 with her brown hat and ruffled Victorian blouse. ... white Catherine Walker gown with her famous sapphire and pearl choker in Hungary.
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Exhibition review: 'Thea Porter–70s Bohemian Chic' in London

Country Life (blog)-Apr. 19, 2015
Philippa Scott remembers the fashion designer Thea Porter, whose world of ... with her mother-of-pearl inlaid furniture, although not the tall silver lamp with a ...

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