Monday, January 13, 2020

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In My Jewellery Box: Erin Morris 9, 2015
This snake looks very modern but in actual fact it is Victorian English, from the 19th ... It's a necklace but sometimes I wear it as a bracelet and everyone loves it, ...
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Changing Chanel: How the design house has adapted to ...

City A.M.-Sep. 21, 2015
In a conscious break with the constricting finery of Victorian formal-wear, ... he filled his designs with the double C logos, pearls and chains for which Chanel was ...
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A Brief History of Sexy Lingerie

Elle (blog)-Feb. 12, 2015
Is it nostalgic and old-school, or more edgy and fashion-forward? ... (To put this into context, pre-Victorian-era women wore open-crotch drawers not ... velvet boxes, like pieces of jewelry—an apt choice given that perla means "pearl" in Italian.
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In a twist on tradition, contemporary design destination Dover ... 13, 2015
Carriers of the Royal Warrant, Bentley & Skinner, will be including tiaras in their first collaboration, such as a breath-taking late Victorian pearl and diamond tiara ...

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