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How women liberated their legs - and then their lives: Forget ...

Daily Mail-Feb. 11, 2016
Most touching of the buttons in this volume is the tiny mother-of-pearl disc from a ... Annie's dressmaking skills meant that Cora and Lynn continued to wear ... now she has her own button box: a Victorian writing case inlaid with mother-of-pearl.
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34 Outrageous Jewels and Treasures from Joan Rivers's ...

Parade-Jun. 16, 2016
See Also: Joan Rivers's Most Amazing Moments from Fashion Police. A portion of the proceeds will go to God's Love We Deliver, an HIV/AIDS charity, and Guide ...

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Makeup Artist Pat McGrath on the Story Behind Givenchy's ... 11, 2015
This was the question on the minds of the designer's loyal fashion fans as they ... at the neck: On the heels of last season's darkly romantic Victorian collection, ...
Street Style From New York Fashion Week
In-Depth-New York Times-Sep. 11, 2015
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FIT's Underground Fashion Reveals the World of Suzanne ...

Observer-Sep. 18, 2015
Fashion Underground: The World of Susanne Bartsch,” which debuts today at the ... Susanne with Zaldy, headpiece from Thailand customized by Mr. Pearl, ... day or a Marie Antoinette creature [or a] punk Victorian, the next” said Ms. Bartsch.


Pearl Necklace said...

When establishing dominant, indicates that the characteristics inherent that is automatically inherent in the other, its member objects. But in turn, setting the object, and thereby establishes the framework within which it exists, i.e. the set dominant. Then dominant is determined by the place, time and action, i.e., temporal, spatial, and effective options.

Therefore, we can say that the dominant it is and the lawthat determines the nature of the trajectory of the movements of each element of the object. The dominant is the sense that is passed and all its structural elements. The dominant feature of this last task and is subject to the actions of badsubjects and which determine the movement direction of its elements objects. Dominant as a kind of framework within which to freely or not freely moving elements-objects.

The cause of the dominant can also be different. For example, a misunderstanding of human nature and trajectory of the external object and thus forced to bow to the object, which appears dominant. The reason may be objective factors: if the gravitation of the Earth has, then nothing can be done. But this law can also be circumvented if there is an understanding and a necessity.

Therefore, overcoming the resistance of the object as dominant, with the aim of achieving the goal, there is only the condition of knowledge. In other words, if a person knows how to overcome the resistance of the object, he can get out of its sphere of influence and the latter immediately loses the property of the dominant. So, if I understand his head, found his weaknesses, I can to some extent manage it, i.e. use it or based on it to solve their problems. The principle of functional subordination has not changed, only the objects have changed places.

But the external natural area is always changing and people constantly gets in an uncertain situation. If she is not changing significantly and very quickly in time, he manages to understand it and to take the necessary measures. But if the situation has changed dramatically, and one does not know completely new situation, he need falls into a state of subjection, and therefore it prevails over another object, which acts as a dominant. We are always PLandTim for not knowing.

Pearl Necklace said...

And when you consider that people are constantly sets itself new tasks, which generates the most uncertainty, it means that his houseandalso becomes his task. ie he. Or rather, something that challenges and forces him to seek solutions, overcome obstacles, etc. Is something and there is an innate program (I. Kant), which is the main dominant. People truth always overcomes uncertainty and dominant and goes to space free games their strength and knowledge, and solves the problem, subordinating other objects or their elements. But it is always important landmark, which again determines his actions.

And from here already nearby and to the Lord God or absolute mind. Assuming that they are always present, and in fact the Lord God and the absolute mind exist and remain, in principle, unknown. And thus remain the absolute dominant. But we so far do not. We need the notion of a dominant, or at least so we interpret in this paper, to adapt to the analysis of the text and to consider within the logic of contextual analysis.

Dominant in the text is the primary object of which is subordinated to all other objects in the text. Since the text solves the problem set by man, the dominant becomes the goal, which is determined, in any case, should be defined quite clearly. The task becomes the source and end point of an analysis of the dominant text.

Dominant necessarily expressed in some words and phrases. As a rule, dominant in the sentence is indicated by a keyword. Usually it is allocated or location in a sentence or text (late or early), or intonation or emphasis. But anyway somehow it is displayed. That is the key word specifies the location of other words. Defines also the General configuration - the state or attitude, in which there are objects (words).