Thursday, January 16, 2020

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Hong Kong art dealer and fashion icon Pearl Lam talks style ...

South China Morning Post-Mar. 26, 2018
There are strong parallels between collecting art and consuming luxury fashion, says noted art dealer Pearl Lam – the famously colourful proprietor of ...

Gong Yoo as fashion icon, plus his thoughts post-'Goblin' 4, 2018
Who misses the loveable “Goblin”? One of the most noteworthy aspects of the 2016 hit Korean drama 'Goblin' is its actors outfits every episode. The actors ...
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Why Kate Middleton Remains a “Global Fashion Phenomenon”

Vanity Fair-Oct. 30, 2018
According to Brand Finance's British Luxury 2018 survey, Kate is also the most liked U.K. “icon,” even given California-born Meghan's home-field advantage.
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Fashion icon's widow remains in jail following eviction battle 16, 2018
The widow of famed fashion designer Oleg Cassini has been jailed for more than six weeks after refusing to follow court orders in the tortured legal battle over ...

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