Saturday, January 11, 2020

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Have You Been Doing Beach Jewelry Wrong All Summer? 21, 2019
“I normally wear an all gold or a pearl or coral piece. ... Years ago, we had a situation with a Victorian pools of light necklace—under the sun, the rock crystal ...
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Beyoncé Goes Monochromatic in a Daringly Low-Cut Dress ...

Footwear News-Jan. 27, 2019
Her look consisted of a red velvet blazer-style minidress that was adorned with small white pearls and finished with a deep V-cut neckline that showed off more ...
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The Storied History of Jewellery and Religion

Vanity Fair-Jul. 10, 2018
... phase, with ropes of faux pearls draped with crosses and Stars of David. .... as gemstones can crack under the delicate Victorian intaglio technique required to ...
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New Openings: Kitty Fisher's little sister, Cora Pearl 13, 2018
Watch out Kitty Fisher's – here comes Cora Pearl. ... Tim Steel and Tom Mullion) – with a little help from beyond the grave from Victorian courtesan Cora Pearl, .

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