Wednesday, January 8, 2020

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GANs And Deepfakes Could Revolutionize The Fashion Industry

Forbes-May 21, 2019
Over the last few years, the field of artificial intelligence (AI) has grown by leaps and bounds. Researchers are working on driverless cars, voice-controlled smart ...
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Materialise: How 3D printing will bring flexibility to the fashion ...

FashionUnited UK (blog)-Mar. 8, 2019
How does 3D printing help fashion companies that are producing for the mass market? In the commercial area, we're specialised in wearables. Brands with ...
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Sustainable clothing launch at UW highlights water waste in ... 18, 2019
"Fashion is a very thirsty industry," says Chanakya Ramdev, Founder of Sweat Free Apparel, "The entire fashion industry uses ten per cent of the world's fresh ...
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Think Tank: A Circular Future for Fashion

WWD-Jul. 21, 2019
While trends have, and always will be, the lifeblood of the fashion industry — satisfying consumer appetite for variety and newness — sustainability is now a top ...

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