Saturday, January 11, 2020

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Five highlights from Fellows' first Fine Jewellery auction 5, 2019
A Louis XV gold, diamond and mother-of-pearl aide memoire with a paper calendar, dated 1774, and original gilt red Moroccan leather case. Estimate ...
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2019 Met Gala: The Best Jewels On The Campy Red Carpet

Forbes-May 6, 2019
With the theme “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” color was certainly something .... diamond stud earrings, and a Victorian pink topaz and old mine diamond cluster ring. .... diamond studs alongside custom Anabela Chan pearl and diamond earrings.
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Rihanna Shops at the Same Vintage Store as Meghan Markle

The Kit (blog)-Nov. 18, 2019
... vintage Chanel pearl sunglasses, a multi-strand pearl choker and, in the way that ... Rihanna was the epitome of insouciant glamour at the 2014 British Fashion ... Caroline Scheufele wearing a powder blue Victorian-inspired dress by Adam ...
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Schumpeter Robots will help Chinese firms cope with wages ...

The Economist-Jan. 3, 2019
FEW ITEMS of clothing convey seriousness quite like the white-collar shirt. It took the exuberance out of the Elizabethan ruff and put the starch into Victorian ... Walk through Esquel's biggest factory in Foshan in the Pearl River Delta and it is ...

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