Saturday, January 11, 2020

Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from Hong Kong Tatler (press release)

Feel Like A Princess In These Golden Victorian Gowns

Hong Kong Tatler (press release)-Jun. 15, 2017
The drama and overt femininity of Victorian-era brides is hard to beat and for ... these designs are made for a high fashion bride who is searching for a dress that ...
Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from Hindustan Times

New rules of jewellery for the modern Indian woman

Hindustan Times-Oct. 14, 2017
... (a small choker pendant held with pearl strings) are part of the repertoire of any ... I have a few pieces including Victorian designs, which I wear depending on my ... Which is why a few fashion designers develop their own lines of jewellery.
Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from Washington Post

Artisan champagne, calfskin sneakers and other ways of ...

Washington Post-Nov. 21, 2017
In fact, men's fashion bibles such as Esquire and GQ have started tutoring men on ... such as antique Victorian-era cameos and coins with tough-looking chains.
Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from

Jil Sander 23, 2017
Later came full kilts with a nomadic air about them, and a virginal white Victorian floor-length number that was distinctly puritanical. But this was by no means a ...

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