Wednesday, January 8, 2020

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Fashion Industry And Advertisers Adjust To Reality Of Senior ...

Forbes-Feb. 28, 2018
Zand and his team are, simply put, recognizing the value of older models to the fashion, beauty and media industry and “the crucial role they are playing in ...
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Free copy of 'The State of Skills in the Apparel Industry 2018'

FashionUnited UK (blog)-Oct. 4, 2018
New global survey highlights unprecedented skills crisis in fashion industry ... Big fashion retailers, brands, manufacturers and vendors face a shortage of ...
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A Sustainable Runway: Africa Redesigns the Fashion Industry

The McGill International Review-Feb. 7, 2018
The textile and clothing industry is welcoming a new era where sustainability and ethics are king. Following the unveiling of scandalous sweatshop conditions ...
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Food waste is going to take over the fashion industry

Fast Company-Jun. 15, 2018
Isaac Nichelson, a three-decade veteran of the sustainable fashion industry, learned of the magnitude of this waste and saw an opportunity. Food crop waste

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