Wednesday, January 8, 2020

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Fashion for Good Unveils 15 Startups Future-Fitting Fashion ...

Sustainable Brands-Mar. 19, 2018
Fashion for Good Unveils 15 Startups Future-Fitting Fashion Industry ... The Fashion for Good-Plug and Play Accelerator has revealed the names of the 15 ...
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Karl Lagerfeld's #MeToo Comment Highlights Exactly What's ... 20, 2018
In particular, members of the global fashion community were extremely vocal about sexual assault issues that have devastated the industry for years. Fashion's ...
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Fashion industry accounts for more than a third of ocean ... 13, 2018
More than a third of all microplastics released into the oceans are from synthetic textiles used in the fashion industry, according to a new report. Each time an ...
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VAG's High Fashion Foray Celebrates What Should Shame Us 29, 2018
The global fashion industry accounted for almost $3 trillion in 2018. Stoking the engines of desire requires the constant application of media heat and pressure, ...

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