Wednesday, January 8, 2020

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Fashion Show Another Special Hit In Port Elizabeth 3, 2019
Kieck felt the show brought out the positive side of the fashion industry in Nelson Mandela Bay. “It is not only about the talent that is evident here by the key ...
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Euphoria's Breakout Star Hunter Schafer on Playing an ... 28, 2019
... her way to Central St. Martins, where she planned to study fashion design. .... model and make some money and immerse myself in the fashion industry for a ...

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New Global Data Suggests Online Fashion Shoppers Now ...

AiThority (press release) (blog)-Feb. 1, 2019
New research suggests that online fashion shoppers globally now spend more on mobile than desktop: 46% v 44%[1]. But with each visitor spending nearly ...
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Thai Fashion For LA Fashion Week

Apparel News-Oct. 11, 2019
In past seasons, LA Fashion Week has devoted nights to Thai designers. The Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion week is no different. On Oct. 9, Thai designers took ...

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