Wednesday, January 8, 2020

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"Every Single Day I Am Let Down." Hayley Elsaesser Writes ...

Refinery29-Feb. 6, 2019
I try to engage positively and professionally with my peers, and to be proactive in generating interest around Canadian fashion and Canadian industry.
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11 Women Who Are Changing the Fashion Industry

Glamour-Sep. 5, 2019
Up now: 11 women who occupy unique positions in the fashion industry. These are the executives leading major American brands, the founders identifying ...
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Meet 6 Models Changing the Face of the Fashion Industry 5, 2019
This New York Fashion Week we're highlighting fresh faces who are not only starring in top campaigns and walking the runways but also using their voices for ...
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Thrifting is losing its stigma: second-hand clothes are ... 19, 2019
The fashion industry has been criticized for its impact on the environment, both for the throwaway, so-called fast fashion that piles up in landfills, and for its ...

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