Saturday, January 11, 2020

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Ellie Goulding wedding dress: singer stuns in Victorian-style ...

Evening Standard-Aug. 31, 2019
Ellie Goulding wedding dress: singer stuns in Victorian-style dress ... long sleeve design and paired her ivory dress with cream coloured roses, pearl earrings, ...
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Fashion Designer Prabal Gurung Explains How He Finds ...

Thrive Global-Nov. 15, 2019
I continued on to another fantastic memory of a recent trip to the Tasaki pearl farm in ... It is a Victorian corset through a modern lens, a chiffon dress that billows, ...

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Goth: Everything you need to know

Louder-May 22, 2018
Goth is a loose musical movement, subculture and fashion style that first ... goth fashion has taken elements from Edwardian and Victorian clothing, steam punk, ...
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Why have humans always worn jewelry?

Quartz-Nov. 10, 2018
... seed pearl strands from Victorian-era London, contemporary designs from ... the use of jewelry purely for adornment: “Why wear jewelry, if not to be seen?

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