Saturday, January 11, 2020

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Double Happiness: The Season's Luckiest Wedding Gowns ... 30, 2019
(Just ask Hong-Kong-based Instagram fashion legend Feiping Chang, who wore not ... And since pearls represent enlightenment—they're the mystical ball the .... With a Victorian-style neckline, and a patchwork of lace, it's modest enough to ...
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The Roaring Thirties reimagined in a collection of pearl and ...

CNA-Sep. 25, 2019
The Roaring Thirties reimagined in a collection of pearl and jade jewellery ... “She would wear these silk dresses that were very European, along with her jade ... “The diamond halo is very popular today, but in the past, during Victorian times ...
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The Countess of Wessex has customised her wedding tiara ...

HELLO!-Jun. 4, 2019
... since she chose to wear her wedding tiara for the occasion, the 'Anthemion' ... Cross of the Royal Victorian Order – an honour that was recently gifted to the ...
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Out of Things to Do in Montauk? Head to Newport, Rhode Island 31, 2019
The charming summer-time destination is populated with Victorian Ginger Bread houses painted in .... On the wharf, you'll find The Black Pearl, a Newport culinary institution that delivers casual dining on ... Anny Choi, Fashion Market Editor.

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