Saturday, January 11, 2020

Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from WWD

Cyndi Lauper's Next Gig: Apparel, Jewelry and Shoes for HSN

WWD-Oct. 4, 2017
... on Seventh Avenue and she went to the High School of Fashion Industries “but flunked out.” ... I did it in black and put chains and pearls over it,” said Lauper. ... items are a velvet coat with an oversized collar and a Victorian bolero jacket.
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How To WearVictorian-Inspired Fashion

5280 | The Denver Magazine-Apr. 21, 2017
How To WearVictorian-Inspired Fashion ... these antique gold chandelier earrings ($92, pictured above), showcasing graceful scrollwork and tiny pearl accents.
Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from The Asian Age

London Fashion Week: Burberry brings back vintage check

The Asian Age-Sep. 17, 2017
Models wore clothes that piled on everything a young girl may wish for her dolls: miles of elaborate white ruffles and Victorian lace, adorned with bows, pearls ...
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Trend File: 10 Jewelry Trends for 2018

JCK-Oct. 13, 2017
The topic was fashion jewelry trends likely to pop (or continue their ascension) in ... and vintage-inspired jewelry (we're talking Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian, ... (Top: Baroque Australian South Sea pearl strand with sapphire, garnet, and ...

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