Saturday, January 11, 2020

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CL's Big Backstage Dance Party 26, 2016
Adwoa Aboah and Grace Hartzel achieve new heights of Victorian glamour. ADWOA ... Michael Kors Collection white shadow fox Snowball jacket in pearl, $8,500, gray ..... Director: Cass Bird, with Tim Milgram; Fashion Editor: Jorden Bickham
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Ulla Johnson 12, 2016
Women come to her for Victorian dresses, sweet eyelet blouses, and ... (Here's hoping the dangly pearl earrings and crystal necklaces go into production.) ...
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8 Trends To Know From Bridal Fashion Week

Refinery29-Oct. 17, 2016
"Fall '17 Bridal Fashion Week saw so many exciting dresses and styles," she says ... and demure, this style was often seen in lace with a nod to the Victorian era.
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No, Wearing a Choker Doesn't Make You 'Basic'

StyleCaster-Jun. 1, 2016
Small-scale, fashion-industry-centric siege, sure, but siege nonetheless. ... they were all the rage during the Victorian era, when wealthy women would wear layers of diamonds and pearls, and poorer girls would deign to wear a simple ribbon ...

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