Tuesday, January 14, 2020

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Cara Delevingne is rejecting the fashion industry for good

SheKnows.com-Aug. 17, 2015
In an interview with London-based newspaper The Times, Delevingne exposed the harsh sexual harassment she faced in the fashion industry and vowed never ...
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Trudeaus may help fashion industry

Ottawa Citizen-Dec. 18, 2015
While clothes make the man, Justin Trudeau's could make an industry. Homegrown designers believe his family's star power could create dedicated followers of ...
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UK Model Leads Charge to Ban Ultrathin Women From Fashion

TakePart-Sep. 22, 2015
A norm in the fashion industry has long been that a model should be pin thin—a walking clothes hanger. But a petition from a model fed up with being pressured ...
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Saskatchewan fashion designer spends summer mentoring ...

CTV News-Aug. 17, 2015
Regina-based fashion designer Dean Renwick is spending part of this ... how to stitch, sew, and weave as part of leaving his legacy on the city's fashion industry.

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