Wednesday, January 8, 2020

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Can Rent the Runway ever become the Spotify of fashion?

Quartz-Oct. 18, 2017
The narrative of Rent the Runway's narrative as a fast-fashion killer (paywall) is ... services such as Spotify have changed the music industry and eliminated the ...
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$30bn of fashion market to be digitally influenced by 2020 23, 2017
Nearly $30 billion of the domestic fashion market, which currently accounts for 70 percent of the branded apparel market, will be digitally influenced by 2020, ...
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Why Does the Fashion Industry Treat Truth-in-Advertising as ... 13, 2017
For an industry that talks a lot about transparency, fashion routinely falls short. This is demonstrated every time a publication features a product that has been ...
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How streetwear restyled the world – from hip-hop to Supreme ...

The Guardian-Mar. 29, 2017
It's no wonder high fashion has it eyes on the 'hypebeast' scene .... the London Palace stores have a certain business acumen: the resale market is big. “It's got ...

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