Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Story image for fashion industry from The Guardian (blog)

Can a hashtag change the fashion industry?

The Guardian (blog)-Apr. 14, 2015
On Fashion Revolution Day, people will take to social media to ask brands #whomademyclothes, but critics say hashtag activism makes little difference.
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London Fashion Week 2015: From catwalk to High Street

BBC News-Feb. 26, 2015
For those outside the fashion industry, it can be difficult to appreciate why this week is so important. Fashion has long been criticised as frivolous and superficial, ...
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Model Nykhor Paul Slams Fashion Industry for Being Racist: "I ...

Cosmopolitan.com (blog)-Jul. 9, 2015
She was scouted when she was a 14-year-old living in Nebraska and started modeling full-time when she turned 17. Since then, South Sudanese model Nykhor ...

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