Saturday, January 11, 2020

Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from Refinery29

As Expected, The SAG Awards Red Carpet Did Not Disappoint

Refinery29-Jan. 30, 2017
... actress Janelle Monae stunned in a lacy Chanel dress with a Victorian-style ... This pinstripe jumpsuit on Naomi Harris is a moment fashion people wait all ...

Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from Refinery29

Last Night's Oscars Red Carpet Was A Little Too ~Pretty~

Refinery29-Feb. 26, 2017
Karl (because if there's anything us fashion folk enjoy, it's drama with a capital ... So, add Alicia Vikander in this Victorian-style Louis Vuitton number to your list.

Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from The Guardian (blog)

Doctor Who recap: series 36, episode three – Thin Ice

The Guardian (blog)-Apr. 29, 2017
Victorian frost fair on the frozen Thames, coupled with a menacing giant ... he has seen die is palpable, another moment beautifully sold by Pearl Mackie.

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Should you cull 90 per cent of your wardrobe? Annabel Jones ... 22, 2017
My first internship was all about clothes: as a squeaky new fashion graduate, ... followed by some Chanel costume pearls and a couple of pairs of Louboutin ...

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