Saturday, January 11, 2020

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Anna Murphy: who knew track pants could be so glamorous?

The Times-Aug. 20, 2019
... Marchioness of Bute, who lives in a Victorian gothic mansion on the Scottish island ... I wanted something to chuck on and go, something I could wear to the park, ... Posh pearls have gone street recently, reincarnated on hoops so as to look ...
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High jewellery chokers speak to strong women

The Jewellery Editor-Aug. 6, 2019
During the Victorian era, royalty developed a fondness for bejewelled ... Her love of chokers set with precious stones and pearls, which rose high up the neck ... chokers have made the leap from high fashion to high jewellery with elegant ease.
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Lost Dallas

D Magazine-Feb. 26, 2018
It was not a great time to launch a high-end clothing retailer. ... neighborhood, with its rows of Victorian mansions, red brick streets, and cast-iron storefronts.
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Fashionista's Insider Guide to Shopping In Paris

Fashionista (blog)-Jul. 24, 2018
It's also a great place to find a new favorite indie magazine or art, fashion and ... The pastel pink paradise sells crinoline dresses, silky tops with pearls and bows, ... records to furniture, including antique and Victorian clothing and odd trinkets.

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