Sunday, January 12, 2020

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All of the Queen's Most Amazing Necklaces

POPSUGAR Australia-Nov. 6, 2016
They are worth millions of pounds, and kept secure in the vaults under Buckingham Palace. They represent love, power, and intrigue. Their beauty is famed and ...
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7 Elegantly Edgy Bridal Gowns for a Winter Wedding

Observer-Dec. 7, 2016
Wedding site specifics: A botanical garden's Victorian crystal palace. ... Wedding site specifics: A hip mountain lodge with plenty of faux antlers. ... silk threadwork on tulle, and three-dimensional flowers embroidered with tiny pearls and beads, ...
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On the retro trail: visit Christchurch's vintage shops 29, 2016
Her vast stores of beautiful vintage and retro clothing far exceed the stock in her ... From fine fabrics to strings of pink pearls and sparkly buckled shoes, she just ... for those after something unusual, rare or with real history, from Victorian to retro ...
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Vogue On The Crown And Our Fascination With The Royal ... 2, 2016
Indeed, from the point that Victorian writer Walter Bagehot identified the mystique of the royal family as the key element of their enduring appeal, the old belief ...

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