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All Ears

Racked LA-May 10, 2016
... evolved over time, they were important signifiers up through the Victorian era. ... Woman wanted the right to vote, to wear pants, and be freed of wearing ... "The sight of those really cool, really darling little pearl studs Farrow wore as the ...
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La vie en rose: how fashion fell for the pink dress

The Guardian-Oct. 4, 2016
Paris fashion week is almost over, bringing catwalk season to a close four ... of pearls – and described the look as “what Marie Antoinette would wear to go to the ...
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How vintage jewellery brings old-time glamour to the red carpet 15, 2016
Vintage jewellery's reputation in the fashion world has been elevated further by Fred ... Diamonds, pearls and turquoise are bestsellers, along with chunky gold ... which carries a selection of vintage rings and Victorian and Georgian tiaras by ...
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The Duchess of Cambridge dazzles at the Queen's Diplomatic ... 9, 2016
The design features 19 diamond arches from which hang 19 baroque pearl ... the evening gowns which Jenny Packham creates aren't about fashion, like many of ... The Royal Family Order and Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order.

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