Thursday, January 16, 2020

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Akshay Kumar becomes the new global fashion icon

Times of India-May 30, 2017
Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar vowed with his style and charisma as he walked the ramp for leading designer Ramesh Dembla. Akshay took on India ...
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The Truth Behind Naomi Campbell's Complicated Legacy

Refinery29-Mar. 22, 2017
Although, she clearly had knack for fashion. For nearly a decade, Campbell worked almost exclusively as a runway and print model, honing her craft and ...
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Michelle Obama's legacy as a fashion icon

Famuan-Feb. 16, 2017
The Obama's have officially left the building and Mrs. Obama's legacy as a style icon has altered the status quo when it comes to being a sensible, yet stylish ...
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Amelia Earhart's Other Runway: The Aviator's Forgotten ...

History-Jul. 6, 2017
Aviatrix. Pioneer. Record breaker. Fashion entrepreneur? Amelia Earhart's accomplishments above the clouds made her a worldwide icon, but she was also

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