Saturday, January 11, 2020

Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from PaperCity Magazine (press release) (blog)

A Theatrical Pair Gets Their Own Big Star TV Mini Series

PaperCity Magazine (press release) (blog)-Jan. 8, 2017
She was a breath of fresh air in the brooding post-Victorian era, eschewing heavy ... of wreaths and flowers studded with large citrines, peridots, and pearls.
Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from Harper's BAZAAR Australia

Real Bride: Victoria And Tim's Santorini Church Wedding

Harper's BAZAAR Australia-Sep. 22, 2017
On the proposal: Tim organised a surprise weekend getaway to Victorian country town .... On the accessories: Definitely my grandmother's pearl earrings that ...

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Could your vintage jewellery collection be worth more than ... 12, 2017
Other expert tips include not keeping hard and soft stones together to prevent erosion, wiping pearls with a cloth after every wear to remove any oils or perfume, ...

Changing Fashion for Changing Times: Dressing Downton ...

EU Jacksonville-Dec. 8, 2017
Dressing Downton displays 36 authentic Victorian-era costumes and ... Subtitled Changing Fashion for Changing Times, the exhibit offers a look at the clothing ...

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