Saturday, January 11, 2020

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A Message To Designers On How Not To Appropriate

Refinery29-Sep. 8, 2017
Cultural appropriation has consistently plagued the fashion industry. ... came under fire for its use of face jewels and baby hairs, oddly dubbed "Chola Victorian.
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Return of the brooch: bigger, bolder and more beautiful than ... 12, 2017
... with any self-respecting Victorian or Edwardian pinning one (or a number) ... White-gold, diamond, mother-of-pearl and rock-crystal Bruco brooch, price on ... You also have total freedom of application; you can choose where to wear it so it ...
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Trousers walk it on Bafta's red-carpet style parade

The Guardian-Feb. 13, 2017
Red-carpet fashion is traditionally a safe seat for the play-it-safe-glamour party, ... The look – complete with shoes and one pearl anklet – was taken directly from ...
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Dark Romance: The New Gothic Bride 13, 2017
Going goth stems from an inherent desire to be just a little bit–or a lot–bad. It's about a post-punk tendency to go against the grain. Weddings demand elements ...

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