Saturday, January 11, 2020

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A Brief History of Mother of Pearl in Art and Design

AnOther Magazine-Sep. 19, 2019
Mother-of-pearl, or “nacre,” is the same substance as the outermost layer of an ... bellows, on lacquered Korean jewellery boxes and Victorian teething rings.
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The Bride Wore a Victorian Tiara for Her Fairytale Wedding in ... 7, 2019
The Bride Wore a Victorian Tiara for Her Fairytale Wedding in the Cotswolds .... “Instead, I picked a fun pair of my grandmother's costume earrings that my mom ... “The best accessory of all was an incredible pair of giant South Sea pearls and ...
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The Big Jewelry Trends During New York Fashion Week ...

Forbes-Sep. 15, 2019
Although fashion designers are showing what you will be wearing for spring 2020, ... Mix flowing print dress, and jewelry that references Victorian times with a dash .... the trend towards pearl designs that range from sculptural to natural forms.
Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from Forbes

Jewelry Trends: From Runway to Reality

Forbes-Mar. 18, 2019
Pearls have been getting a makeover for the past couple of years and they .... Those of us who appreciate and purchase antiques will wear them on the side of a ...

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