Saturday, January 11, 2020

Story image for Victorian Fashion, pearl from Wonderwall

1989 Academy Awards: Fashion flashback

Wonderwall-Feb. 5, 2019
We're in love with Meryl's pearl and gemstone choker (and how proud Don looks ... Robert Downey Jr. struck an eccentric pose in this Victorian-style tuxedo with ...
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Found Victorian Celestial Motifs Turned Into a Modern Collection

JCK-Dec. 10, 2018
Meet Toni and Chloë Goutal, a mother and daughter team that turns globally sourced celestial motifs from the Victorian era into one-of-a-kind modern designs.
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London Fashion Week: The UK is open for Chinese designers ...

South China Morning Post-Sep. 21, 2019
Chinese descendant and Irish-born Simone Rocha's fairy tale spectacle at London Fashion Week, in a vast restored Victorian theatre fondly known as the “Ally ...
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Something Old, Something New Ideas to Incorporate Into Your ... 2, 2018
The something old, something new routine stems from an Victorian English rhyme ... with a sentimental family heirloom, like a string of pearls or diamond earrings, ... You can wear them on your person, or attach them to your bouquet, like this ...

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