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Summer Brides: 5 Wedding Traditions from Around the World 3, 2012
And while you may know of many American wedding traditions — from the ... In jest, her friends and family refuse him until he pays up in gifts, money, jewelry or ...

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De Beers Diamond Jewellers Unveils 'Imaginary Nature' in Asia

Rapaport-Sep. 10, 2012
RAPAPORT... De Beers Diamond Jewellers unveiled its jewelry collection, Imaginary Nature, for the first time in Asia today. The event was attended by ...

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Bride-to-be Blogger Stephanie: The Quest for the Perfect Venue

Philadelphia Magazine (blog)-Aug. 31, 2012
When I started this mission, my final destination is not at all where I expected to end up, and I definitely didn't foresee the roadblocks I'd hit along the way. I didn't ...
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Badlands interviews Satomi Kawakita

Vogue Australia (blog)-Dec. 11, 2012
Badlands fashion creative Talisa Sutton caught up with jewellery designer Satomi Kawakita in her Manhattan studio for some compulsory ring-trying and a chat ...

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