Saturday, October 26, 2019

Story image for bridal jewelry from Hartford Courant

Shoppers Relish Memories of Hartford's Downtown Stores ...

Hartford Courant-Feb. 25, 2014
Mention shopping to anyone who lived in the Hartford area during the '50s and '60 and they'll tell you about taking the bus downtown, (often in hat and gloves, ...
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16 Problems Every Twentysomething Bridesmaid Understands

Cosmopolitan-Sep. 10, 2014
"I can't wait to go to my friend's bridal shower" is a thing no one has ever said. Because sitting in a circle ... Ditto huge-ass chandelier earrings. Or something else ...
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Battle of the bridesmaids — how to handle competitive 'maids

New York Post-Sep. 19, 2014
Bridesmaids are a blessing. They're there to help you lick envelopes; zip up your wedding dress; consume record-setting amounts of wine at your bachelorette ...
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Made on MVY: Shop local

Martha's Vineyard Times-Nov. 25, 2014
Sue Fairbanks' jewelry will be available at the Featherstone Holiday Flea Market, the .... She's done custom bridal jewelry, and will create bracelets to order.

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