Saturday, October 26, 2019

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How to have a feminist wedding

The Guardian-Jun. 29, 2014
I mean, just because a bride's engagement ring is a symbol of ownership, and ... I'm the one wearing the engagement ring, being more into jewellery than he is, ...
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Ten Sexy Vegas Boutiques for Stocking up on Naughty Lingerie

Racked-Feb. 5, 2014
... cute bras from Japan, corsets and even body jewelry in Swarovski crystals. ... This playful retail experience has bridal and bachelorette selections such as ...
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10 Simple Ways to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive (blog)-Nov. 5, 2014
1. Get everything tailored. A $10 skirt from Forever21 can end up looking better than a $300 skirt from a designer with just a couple quick stitches. If the fit isn't ...
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Is That Rock for Real?

New York Times-Nov. 17, 2014
At a nearby booth, Kama Schachter, an Indian diamond and jewelry manufacturer, promoted a new lower-priced line of bridal rings called Kama's Rox, using ...

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