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Cool, *Affordable* Bridal Jewelry Because You've Probably ... 22, 2016
Neither custom kombucha cocktails nor queso fountains come cheap, but that doesn't mean you should scrimp on your wedding baubles. Here, fall in love with ...
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Blame millennials: Diamond jewelry business in a rough spot

CNBC-Jun. 16, 2016
The bridal category, including engagement or wedding ring purchases, represents ... or fashion jewelry with lab-grown diamonds, according to industry analysts.
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These Bridal Accessories Are SO Next Level

Refinery29-Apr. 7, 2016
Congratulations — you've finally picked what to wear on your wedding day. Now only one question remains: how to accessorize? But before you reach for the ...
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In the Emirates, Traditional Wedding Jewelry is Back in Style

New York Times-Nov. 20, 2016
The Emirati jewelry, worn by a bride at her henna party a few days before the wedding, has been regaining favor among young Emirati women, as traditional ...

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