Friday, May 10, 2019

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Tudor portrait re-identified after experts notice Henry VIII's wife was ... 24, 2013
The picture, painted by an unknown artist in the 1520s, shows a woman in red and gold dress, and pearl necklace. It had been left on display at Lambeth Palace, ...

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You could have done better! Julianne Moore fails to do justice to ...

Daily Mail-Feb. 19, 2013
She is the first person to wear the necklace after the late Elizabeth Taylor. ... to the stunning emerald and diamond pendant formerly owned by the screen legend ...
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1920s fashion roars back in 'The Great Gatsby'

Los Angeles Times-Apr. 20, 2013
... tasseled pendant necklaces and bejeweled diamond-and-pearl headpieces ... And those are just from the film's official partnerships. ... They are accompanied by lithe ladies in shimmering silk dresses and dripping in diamonds and pearls.
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Vulture's Comprehensive Timeline of Titanic's Cultural Dominance in ...

Vulture-Nov. 19, 2013
Instead, the James Cameron film spent a ridiculous fifteen consecutive weeks at the ..... that they are back-ordered on their $198 Heart of the Ocean necklace. ..... June 25: Dan Akroyd brags to People about his new film Pearl Harbor, saying, ...

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