Friday, May 24, 2019

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The best jewellery looks from the Golden Globes 2019

The Jewellery Editor-Jan. 7, 2019
Setting the tone for 2019, high-carat diamonds and conservative jewellery styles ... And here at The Jewellery Editor, it's not just about who wins what award, but ...
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Style File: East Bay Jewelry Designers

Diablo Magazine-Apr. 19, 2019
“Nontraditional bridal jewelry is something people continue to be interested in ... former teacher and social worker opened her own jewelry shop, Crown Nine.
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Marie Kondo's Space-Saving Tips for Packing the Perfect Honeymoon ... 18, 2019
brides everywhere will now be asked, "Does this wedding dress spark joy? ... Kondo says to invest in a compact case made specifically for packing jewelry. ... To protect your clothes from potential spills, store the bottles in a waterproof pouch.
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Style buzz (1/2/2019) featuring Regatta Great Outdoors, Monsoon ... 8, 2019
With Regatta Great Outdoors, Monsoon Bridal and Karl Lagerfeld, Star Chic's fashion and ... Regatta Great Outdoors has 21 stores nationwide and you can shop online at ... If you want to receive a piece of jewellery that you'll actually wear this ...

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