Wednesday, May 8, 2019

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A look at Queen Elizabeth II's most stunning jewellery

VOGUE India-Apr. 19, 2019
... style and an essential component of her daily uniform is a pearl necklace. ... Queen Elizabeth II attending a film premiere at London's Odeon ...
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The Jewel Heist That Wasn't There — An EW true crime story 18, 2019
Have a drink in the Carlton lobby during the annual film festival in May ... prove to the police that he's not the one pinching necklaces and rings from ... was known for dancing with her breasts covered in diamonds and pearls.

5 Memorable Pearl Jewelry Moments in Films

The Hollywood News (blog)-Oct. 3, 2018
While the character wore a wide range of pearls throughout the movie, it was the four string necklace, connected by a Swarovski crystal brooch ...

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Batman: A Possible Film Inspiration for the Iconic 'Pearl Scene'

CBR-Feb. 3, 2019
Miller's visual addition of the breaking pearl necklace has been adopted into pretty much every film adaptation of Batman's origin over the years ...

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