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6 Questions to Ask Before You Go Engagement Ring Shopping as a ... 10, 2017
... picks out the engagement ring and surprises his bride-to-be with a proposal. But these days, more and more couples are going ring shopping together. .... Chertoff recommends having a leisurely brunch before going to a few jewelry stores, ...
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Lily Ashwell Takes Bridal Collection Online

WWD-Jan. 31, 2017
Lily Ashwell's taking her collection of silk bridal gowns digital. ... “In store, it's been pretty phenomenal,” Ashwell said of how the bridal business has been since ...
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What to Wear to a Black Tie Wedding 3, 2017
... and while you might be able to find a great deal, shopping around will take you time. ... You can also opt for bold statement jewelry, especially if you're wearing a ... you and the only thing you should avoid is wearing anything white or bridal.
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Rachel Zoe Is Launching a Bridal Collection and Brides Has the ... 5, 2017
After expanding her brand into jewelry, accessories, and the seasonal Box of ... Here, Zoe gives Brides the exclusive first interview on her wedding-worthy new line. .... have $1,000 or less have a big enough place in the market to shop from.

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These stars who are related to a royal family
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Ellen DeGeneres is the distant cousin of Kate Middleton and Paris Hilton descends from King Henry II of England. In pictures, these stars who have a few drops ...
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Angelina Jolie volunteered to arrest a war criminal
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"Forget the other celebrities , it's her," slips the Argentine lawyer into another email. "She would love to stop Kony," he adds. She is ready. Brad Pitt will come ...
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Kylie Jenner's anthology selfie in the Met restroom
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